Welcome To Get Home Safe Texas

At GHST our mission is to keep people safe of Texas Roads. We can provide transportation home to a person that has had a little to much to drink, Domestic Violence, SAPD repo and we also provide service and roadside assistance.

Let’s Come Together Texas

We ask you to come together as a GHST community so we can decrease the number of DUIs and the senseless casualties that sometimes occur due to DUI. We hope that by educating the GHST community and providing awareness of the dangerous of DUI lives may be saved.

Don’t Drink and Drive

If you decided that you want to drink please don’t drive. Don’t risk your life and others peoples life on the road. At GHST we can provide you a Shuttle that can pick you up from Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants and can take you home safely so you won’t put your life in risk neither the TEXAS community.

If you need a Shuttle to take you home please don’t hesitate and call GHST for Free at (210) 274-8909.

Pick Me Up

If you think that your not gonna be able to drive or you have problems contacting us through phone please don’t hesitate and sign up for our pick me up messages just fill out this form on the right and when we get your message we will contact you as soon as posible.